The story starts many years ago, with a dream. A dream to provide royalty cuisine that tastes divine and that is healthy.

The owner, Harwinder, is a dreamer and an excellent visionary. He was able to incorporate his knowledge about health and food into a unique and one of a kind menu, alongside a beautiful facility and called it Urban Maharajas.

His dream was for his customers to feel like royalty. That is why when you walked into the restaurant, you immediately taken back by a colourful and remarkable “Kalgi” (symbol of Royalty).

The Kalgi was a symbol of Royalty and was usually reserved for Rajas (Princes) and Maharajas, and that’s where the vision started.

Today, we feel extremely proud to say that Urban Maharajas is the first ever Indian Restaurant in North America that serves Organic Food, and that has special dishes for both vegetarians and Vegan customers.



As the name suggests, Urban Maharajas is a befitting place that provides you with an aura of regal grandeur. The logo ‘Kalgi’ (Crest) is a mark of graciousness that completes the appearance of a King. At Urban Maharajas, We consider every single person as a King/Queen in this Contemporary World, thus rendering our state of the art services to generate the resplendent ambience at your disposal.